Redmond Automotive - Liars and snakes

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I took my mother-in-law's vehicle there for a new fuel pump on Thursday.I was told it would be done on Friday,around 3:00pm I had to call and find out the progress John said they were working on it, it would be done in a little while.

My mother-in-law and I went in to get it and come to find out they got the wrong part and didn't bother to call us so we made a wasted trip. Saturday my mother-in-law called about the progress they said they worked late into the night and found a leak in the tank, again didn't bother to call. So I called and asked if it ran John said yep we'll leave it in the lot she can come get. She gets there it doesn't run and to top it off the whole time they were "working on it" they didn't do a thing.

So I am getting my money back first thing in the morning Monday because conveniently they close at noon on Saturdays.They are a bunch of crooks and liars out for your money not the value of customer service I don't recommend anyone to go there for anything under any circumstances!!!

Review about: Fuel Pump.

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